A2 TV / Sound Bar Demo

User can select and experience TV or Sound Bar performance directly.

Direct Play + Sound Switcher (Embedded Type)

TV, Sound Bar Co-display demonstration / Easy to use button / Possible to comparison between
TV and Sound Bar sound / Various design and customized system / Intuitive interface (Button)

Comparison experience high quality contents (Video)

User can directly experience various High-quality contents (Video) by pressing button.

- Looping play in idle status (No input from user)
- Possible to select video following purpose.

Experience to enjoy sound of TV and Sound Bar

User can compare audio between TV and Sound Bar directly by button (control device is in behind)

Volume control TV and Sound Bar

User can control volume for TV or Sound Bar.

Easy to install in store

Possible to install with ease between devices.

Use for special promotion

Optimized demonstration system to attract customers and user experience for TV and Sound Bar audio and video quality.

- Electronics store, Digital signage, Showroom, Museum etc.