A2+ AI TV / Sound Bar Demo

User can enjoy AI TV demonstration or sound of audio with Sound bar by selecting contents.

AI Demo + Sound Switcher (Standalone Type)

Customized co-display demonstration with AI TV and Sound Bar / Easy to use button type / Audio comparison experience between TV and Sound Bar /
Customized design available / Intuitive interface available (Button or Touch)

AI (Artificial Intelligence) contents demonstration

Possible to demonstrate 12ea of AI contents in Max.

- Looping play in idle status. (No input from user)
- Possible to select video following purpose.
- Possible to manufacture Standalone type experience kit of Kiosk type.

Possible to select audio to enjoy difference between TV and Sound Bar

User can directly experience sound difference of TV or Sound Bar by using button kit or touch pad of player and controller.

Volume control TV and Sound Bar

User can control volume for TV or Sound Bar.

Possible to customize following customer needs with Button Kit, Touch Pad.

UI can be customized by using button or touch type kit.

Easy to install in store

Possible to install with ease between devices.

Use for special promotion

Optimized demonstration aid for user to directly experience audio difference of AI TV and sound bar.

- Possible to use any other special status as well which needs video on demand.
- Museum, Showroom, Exhibition Room.