A5 Sound Bar Demo

Demonstration aid to enjoy audio quality following sound bar.

Sound Bar Switcher (with display)

Sound Bars Co-display demonstration / Easy to use button / Possible to compare sound between various Sound Bars /
various design and customized system / Intuitive interface (Button)

Compare and select sound between Sound bars

User can directly select and experience audio of sound bars.

- Pressing “PLAY” button to enjoy audio source.
- While playing, pressing “PLAY” button to move next file.
- Provide various keys function “Next”, “Stop” for play.
  (ex : Play, Stop, next, Sequential continuous playback available)
- Long pressing “PLAY” button(> 2sec) to “STOP”

Possible to control volume of Sound Bar

Possible to control volume of selected sound bar.

Available to add display for Sound Bar

- Available to display album cover or music video etc.
- Possible to play audio and video simultaneously for Sound Bar demonstration.

Easy to install In-Store

Possible to install with ease between devices.

Available to use in Sound Bar store and show room etc

Possible to select and compare between various Sound Bars to enjoy each performance.
- Sound bar stores, Department store, Exhibition, Show Room etc.